Moving To Germany

"Moving to Berlin" My wife and I decided to move to Berlin. That was not an easy decision. I am not intending to go to the travel details (how to find the job, how to get the visa, how to travel,…) now. Maybe in the near future I will talk about these issues. Currently I want to talk about my motivations here.

Escape from the limitations of Iran

Yeah, that was the main reason for us. When I talk about limitations, I mean it in every aspect. The government decides for us what to see or what not to see; what to wear and what not to wear; what to listen and what not to listen. The government thinks that we are all little children that need to be guided. Lastly they enabled Google safe search for all Iranians. Is it funny? I don’t think so. Among the limitations of living in Iran, the worst thing for a developer is limited access to the internet. The government blacked out the whole internet for two weeks in 2019. We have a very dumb internet censorship. Every social network is banned by default. We have only limited list of internal websites + Instagram and WhatsApp. Sanctions against Iran is another reason. Almost all important services on the Internet have banned Iranian users. In Iran, we are under pressure from both sides.

New experiences

I did almost everything in my career in Iran. From founding a startup, to working for large IT companies. I wanted to extend my experience, to work internationally. So I decided to move to an overseas country. I chose Berlin, because it is the largest city in the European Union. It has many opportunities for software engineers and the most important reason is that it is a very international city. you can find people from any nationality you can imagine in Berlin. So I started to apply for companies in Berlin in early 2022. Now I am working for a respected startup active in the insurance domain in Berlin.