Software Engineering At Google Part I

"software Engineering at Google Book Cover As one of the authors said in preface: “I have always been endlessly fascinated with the details of how Google does things. I have grilled my Googler friends for information about the way things really work inside of the company. How do they manage such a massive, monolithic code repository without falling over? How do tens of thousands of engineers successfully collaborate on thousands of projects? How do they maintain the quality of their systems?”
These and many other questions are my questions, and I guess yours too. If you want to get answer to these questions, I strongly recommend you this book.

Does these technics work for us?

It depends! You might find some of these technics useful for your team or your comapny. Eventually you have to find “your way” of doing complex things. But this books in my opinion, can be very helpful. I want to share some highlights of this book with you here.

Chapter 1: What Is Software Engineering?

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