Back To The Basics

introduction to algorithms book cover
I have participated in several job interviews recently and the feedback I received from these interviews was very valuable to me and contained many lessons.
I don’t want to neither talk about those interviews nor those lessons here, but the decision I made.
It has been taken about 17 years from the university and about 22 years from my first “hello world!” app in Java. The world has changed a lot during these years. Actually, everything I had learned from programming languages in those years is now obsolete. But there are many things that have not changed.
For example Java has changed, but programming concepts and technics have not changed, data structures have not changed, algorithms have not changed, mathematics have not changed,…
I read somewhere from Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon that: “Focus on the things that don’t change.”
You might think that the key to success to interview for “senior java backend developer” position is to know about frameworks (spring, Jakarta EE, Quarkus,…), ORMs (Hibernate, EclipseLink, …), architecture (clean architecture), database (Relational and nosql) and other stuffs like those that you use in your daily routine. It is true, but you also need to know about the “the things that don’t change”. You need to know about the data structures, algorithms, mathematics, graph theory,… the things that I call “The Basics”.
I want to get back to those basics, I need to, actually. I want to re-learn the important lessons of the university computer science bachelor’s course. Of course, not all of them, but the important ones. I also have to re-learn the programming language I use everyday (Java/Dart/Javascript/Typescript) and update what I have learned and deepen my knowledge of them. Like the programming languages, I want to deep my knowledge about frameworks and tools.
This is very long and advanturous journey. I’m packing my bags for this trip! Stay with me!